PRIMARY FLAKE Graphite mining and procesSING

Madagascar graphite mining supplying around the world

Support of THE Madagascar government and local villagers and their leadership.

Mining permits for 33 km2 area issued 40 years (fully permitted) and renewable.
Quality deposits, 70 km from Tamatave port with ready external infrastructure
A favorable mining law offers a conducive operating climate, mining permits issued to us for 40 years and renewable.
The first plant of 3000 TPA now producing and supplying to customers around the globe.
via two projects, sahamamy & Vatomina - expanding to 84,000tpa
Locational And Logistics Benefits

The projects have excellent infrastructure in place, with the national highway NH2 connecting them to main port Tamatave and capital city Antananarivo. This port, which is 70 km away, is well connected with multiple shipping lines operating regularly and shipping worldwide. The company also has a warehouse at the port. Madagascar is also very well located on the globe with proximity to all consuming centers - Europe, USA, and Asia.

Graphite mining areas in Madagascar

Madagascar has a stable jurisdiction and policy for the mining and processing industry. Graphite mining started in Madagascar in 1907 and the product is known to be of exceptional quality. It has a conducive and welcoming investment atmosphere. Madagascar's mining code also provides tenement security and 100% foreign ownership. Tirupati and its highly experienced in-country team enjoy high repute, goodwill, and support from the Madagascar government and the local people. The company was allocated a prime office by the Government in the Mining Business Centre, as a grand investor. Our projects are both fully permitted with environment clearance granted and a 40 years renewable mining permit covering a total permit area of 33 km2. The company has good engagement and relations with the local communities in which it operates and operates a community development programme.

Product Quality and Feasibility

Madagascar offers weathered, low-cost saprolite hosted graphite deposits with a large concentration of high-quality jumbo and large flakes and crystalline structure. This combined with free dig mining, easy liberation and flake size retention possible, makes Madagascar an ideal location for primary graphite mining and provides the potential for efficiency and lean mining process, thanks to Tirupati's technological expertise and experience.

The Company plans to expand modularly, which will reduce project risks substantially, allowing Tirupati to systematically develop markets and support early revenue generation.

Tirupati has decades of proven operational expertise spanning across design, technology, engineering, processing and marketing. We design and manufacture most of the processing equipment in-house, tailor-made for graphite processing. All these strengths and a cost-conscious approach makes Tirupati a very low CAPEX and OPEX producer.

The company is on schedule for these developments, details of which can be found on the individual pages of each project