Graphene is a two-dimensional material, a single layer of flake graphite. Its planar honeycomb crystal lattice imparts exceptional properties of strength and conductivity (heat as well as electricity). With immense research and application development, graphene has emerged to be a futuristic material with the potential to transform multiple aspects and applications, leading the commercialisation of advance and 2D materials.

The quality and application of graphene depend on multiple factors like the number of layers, number of defects, compatibility with other materials, specific surface area, lateral dimension etc. The lower the number of layers and defects, higher is the intrinsic strength and conductivity of graphene. It can be generally classified on the basis of the number of layers as follows:

Number of Layers Product description
1 Graphene(monolayer)
1-3 Very few layer graphene (vFLG)
2-5 Few layer graphene(FLG)
2-10 Multilayer graphene(MLG)
>10 Exfoliated graphite or "Graphene nanoplatelets" (GNP)

The kind of graphene used in an application varies based on the extent of properties required and commercial feasibility.

The Company has developed a unique few layer graphene, which has a wide scope of applications across industries and products:

Bulk Graphene Markets in 2024 by Industry Application – US$ 260 million (Excluding Monolayer Graphene)