one-stop solution for natural flake graphite for all applications like flame retardants, lithium-ion batteries and many more

Tirupati Graphite PLC is a one stop solution for natural flake graphite, with operations in Madagascar and projects in Mozambique targeting secure supply of this critical mineral for the growing demand in the green economy applications. The Company is delivering on this strategy to become a world leader in graphite, a critical mineral essential for the green economy transition. Its global multi-location operations include primary mining and processing in Madagascar and it has further acquired projects in Mozambique targeting producing and serving 8% of the market demand for it by 2030 across its 150+ applications. In support of this, the company places a special emphasis on "green" applications, including renewable energy generation, energy storage and composites, EVs, Lithium-ion batteries and is committed to ensuring its operations and products are as sustainable as possible.

With over 150 years of collective corporate, commercial and technical experience the company's board and management team are committed to delivering on its corporate strategy and building stakeholder value. It was incorporated in London, on 26 April 2017 as a public company with a vision of developing a world-leading benchmark flake graphite company


Our Values

Tirupati Graphite vision - one-stop solution for Graphite and Graphene

Tirupati believes in sustainability in all spheres - environment, social and value creation. The Company is committed to acting with integrity, accountability, sincerity and efficiency across all aspects of its business.

Ensuring the health and safety of all employees is naturally a key priority for the company. Alongside this, the company is committed to building value for all stakeholders and supporting social development through dedicated CSR programs, employment creation and GDP growth within the communities it operates. 

The Company is also committed to employing and innovating green technologies and lowering its carbon footprint whilst producing new-age, sustainable materials and products to ensure environmental sustainability and a greener globe. 


Developing a world-leading one-stop solution for graphite, a classified critical mineral for serving the transitioning green economy


Tirupati will be the industry benchmark in Natural Flake Graphite worldwide. Through its global, multi-location, multi-revenue, state of art operations producing tailor-made products for conventional and new applications, developing technologies and expertise through design, engineering, research and development with special emphasis on applications in green energy, energy storage, composites, flame retardants etc., the company will secure the world's needs of this critical and wonder material in order to maximise values for all connected.