Producing value added products customized to suit each customers need

  • Producing value added products - high purity, expandable, micronized and shaped graphite.
  • Products customizable to customer needs
  • Environment friendly non-HF purification process
  • A team of experts who have developed processes and successfully operated in this industry for decades.
  • Pilot scale fire retardant plant completed, substantially de-risks downstream project.

Held under Tirupati Specialty Graphite (P) Ltd., an Indian Company, this project is focused on developing downstream graphite products used in hi-tech applications like lithium ion batteries, fire retardants, composites etc. Flake Graphite from primary sources like the Madagascar projects of the Company require further processing for such applications like purification to high purity flake graphite, intercalation to manufacture expandable graphite, micronized and shaped graphite. As a precursor to the comprehensive project, a small 1200TPA pilot scale operation for manufacture of fire retardants has now started operations.

fire retardant facility

1200 TPA fire retardant facility commissioned, product sampling ongoing

Integrated plant for purification, intercalation, micronisation and spherodisation to be developed in two phases to a final capacity of throughput 20,000TPA, each phase 10000 TPA capacity as follows:

1200 TPA Fire Retardants Plant:

This facility is producing fire retardant grade graphite suitable for multiple applications like roofings, various foams, walls, coatings etc. The project head, Mr. Vijay Bhagat, is a pioneer in this field being the inventor of the process and successfully operating in the industry for a long time. The plant is capable of meeting specifications for various application and is currently sampling for customers. The company is loyal to its customers and takes best efforts to meet their demands. For any enquiries on products and supplies, please leave a message in the contact us section or send us an email on puruvi@tirupatigraphite.co.uk

Integrated 20,000 TPA Facility:

This plant will be made with the four processes plant as these work in synergy with one another. A lot of applications require more than one of these processing and the plant has been designed considering this. An industrial area of Gujarat, India, is the chosen location and has been chosen with a lot of considerations:

 Graphite processing facility - Phase 1
graphite mining and process in India

Logistical Advantage:

  • Well developed industrial areas of Gujarat, all inputs available in the region from manufacturers.
  • Availability of utilities required
  • Government support and stability
  • Logistically advantageous with good accessibility, nearby port.
  • Skilled human resource readily available
  • Lower production and operation costs compared to those in developed countries.
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