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Tirupati Graphite PLC (TG) was established with the vision to be a one stop solution for all forms, specifications and applications of natural flake graphite. In another highly value accretive acquisition, TG acquired Tirupati Specialty Graphite Pvt Ltd, an Indian private company founded by Tirupati India group who split off its ongoing development of downstream value-added Flake Graphite developments to facilitate the development of TG. This acquisition is therefore a major milestone in the completion of the flake graphite basket of TG and to realising the value chain in our area of operations.

The stages of this are detailed as follows:


Completed the development of a 1200 TPA pilot scale flake graphite fire retardant additive plant in Patalganga, near Mumbai in India. The CAPEX for the plant had been completed prior to the acquisition and commissioning has completed. The plant is currently sampling for customers. In addition, Flake Graphite finishing facilities by way of screening and blending to accurately produce tailor made products for conventional applications have also been set up at the pilot plant.


TG has inherited through the acquisition of TSG, ongoing development planning and feasibilities studies for setting up a comprehensive downstream processing plant with technologies for various downstream processes developed by the existing team. These processes are environment friendly, cost effective and have modular designs giving us the advantage of scaling up further as and when required.

The testing for the high purity flake graphite process and product has also been completed on pilot scale and samples are being circulated to various customers to create our markets. We have also inherited knowhow for a micronisation unit, which gives us a tested process and product for this processing unit. We are also in an advanced stage of procuring technology and equipment from German and Japanese companies who are experts in the area of spherical graphite manufacture for lithium ion batteries. We have also inherited a skilled team with knowledge, expertise and experience in manufacturing, processing and marketing of downstream processed graphite products for multiple applications.

The project will be developed in 2 stages, starting in 2019:

Phase I: High Purity and Expandable Graphite Production total 10000 TPA

Phase II: Adding further capacity of purification, micronizing and shaped graphite production and their derivatives increasing the throughput to 20000 TPA


TSG also initiated the development of a Technology Centre under the name of Tirupati Graphene & Mintech Research Centre, as an centre for research and development of graphite and graphene and Mineral and Materials Technology, fully integrated with industry. A detailed feasibility reported for the project has been completed. Tirupati has an expert and competent team to facilitate the development of this project.

GRACE: The centre’s main focus is on the development of advanced graphite applications and composites, graphene and its applications. The Centre is formed with its focus on the development of a commercially viable graphene oxide (GO) and graphene (RGO) technology development and its production under this arm and provide our customers the opportunity of customisation. Linking into existing national expertise, TGMRC shall have its focus on production, characterisation and application of GO and RGO and in the development of various composite products for energy devices, coating on different materials, membranes and conductivity applications. These technologies are destined to make the world more sustainable and TGMRC has the intention to play a lead role in the development.

MINMET: Our team has scientific capabilities in a wide spectrum of mineral processing, metal extraction, mineral and metal-based products, material development and design development of related equipment and total engineering and solution. The best of human capital with most modern facilities for technology development shall be the strength of MINMET. It will provide industries with technologies for processing, develop industrial partnerships and conduct skill training.