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Flake Graphite is a crystalline form of Carbon with a set of unapparelled diverse properties, derived from its unique crystal structure as depicted below:


The layered Hexagonal alignment of Carbon atoms is visible in the sheet like appearance of Flake Graphite, every single layer of atoms being GRAPHENE. The covalent bonds demonstrate extreme levels of strength resulting in GRAPHENE being discovered as a material with strength unparalleled The Van der Waals bonds are weaker bonds making it possible to break or penetrate these  bonds. Given these molecular characteristics and some others, Flake Graphite exhibits this unique set of properties:

As a Conductor

Given the above two properties Flake Graphite is the only known material occurring in a free flowing powder form normally and is also a Good Conductor. It therefore is the material of choice in various applications by virtue of these properties, including Energy Storage.

Structural Properties

Chemical & Other Properties