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The company holds two projects in Madagascar for basic mining and processing of Flake Graphite. Madagascar has been producing graphite for more than 100 years and was a preferred choice of the company for multiple reasons. The mining permit areas and hence the project locations were also chosen with regards to their feasibility:


The project was acquired from Tirupati Carbons and Chemical (P) Ltd. on the May 11th, 2017. With the acquisition, the company inherited:

The company is developing this project to a total capacity of 60,000 TPA flake graphite production in modules by 2021. The company has developed a 18,000 TPA module which will be installed in stages, adding one each year and a 6,000 TPA module in Q1 2019 (Stage 1). The following activities have been executed, after the acquisition, at the project:

Exploration: Exploration has been done to a proved level - drilling of 57 holes upto 80 m depth completed at an operating cost of c. $25/m, exploratory mining conducted.

Infrastructure: Internal roads about 20 km, bridges buit, solar powered campsite, in-country headquarters at Antananarivo, plant area land leveling completed and stage 1 construction initiated.

Equipment: First set of earth work equipment deployed, first stage plant equipment being manufactured and procured.

Metallurgical Tests: The company commissioned an independent research institute for testing bulk samples from the project at lab scale for enhancement of flow sheet and characterization of product. The inherited flow sheet was further enhanced with technologies for retaining flake size and lowering production costs and further maximising output.

The company has also complete all the land acquisitions for the project with villagers happily engaging in community welfare activities. Engineers, geoscientists and project management team are working on ground.


In October 2017, Tirupati Graphite Plc acquired 100% equity of the Sahamamy-Sahasoa project under a high value accretive deal. Establishment Rostaing, owned by a French family, holds the project after decades of operations. The project currently has a 8 km2 (to be put as km to the power 2) mining permit with an additional 8km2 applied for grant and currently being processed. The project has been supported by Tirupati India for over 3 year with 100% output purchase, resource quality and market tested product. The company inherited a competent and skillful ground team of around 50 people and the promoter joining the TG team.

Topographical surveys, historical geological data compilation and mapping has already commenced in the area. The Sahamamy operating strike has been established for 1 km length and the Sahasoa strike of 600m has been discovered, revealing a huge upside resource potential. Graphite is concentrated in saprolites in granular form with relict texture of granulitic gneisses well preserved. Flake sizes are predominantly jumbo and large, which matches goods the Tirupati Indian facility has received for years. The average total graphitic carbon is estimated to be over 7% and 30m depth can be considered established from open cross sections in mined areas.

The project is being developed to a capacity of 21,000 TPA in two stages of 3,000 TPA and 18,000 TPA capacities respectively by 2020.

Current Operations: The old operations at the project were producing 250 TPA which the company after acquisition enhanced to 850 TPA through its expertise. The approach road was also strengthened. Quality control and testing lab has been established.

Resource Assessment: The company inherited historical and further performed topographical surveys using Total Station, compilation of all historical geological data, detailed geological mapping of the area, geophysical studies, augur drilling, sampling and assays. The maiden CPR of the project is now complete.

Development of 3000 TPA plant: The project is at the final stage of construction and all the equipment for the processing plant, engineering center etc., have all been received at the project. The plant will be commissioned in Q4 2018.