We offer tailor made Flake Graphite maintaining parameters in accordance with our customer's specifications & requirements, for any application, with adaptation and flexibility to the packaging and service requirements too. Our preferred shipping mode is in 20' Containers from Tamatave Post, Madagascar through lines of our customers choice.
Given the diversity of Flake Graphite test parameter and procedures, while we have adopted internationally approved best standards, we prefer to synergise our procedures and equipment with yours, in close coordination with your QA department. These could include using test sieves identical to customer source, adopting testing procedures from a customer's QA for production and pre-dispatch analysis for shipments meant for them, deeply understanding your critical needs and aligning to deliver it consistently.
Our product range shall include Flake Graphite with any purity required, up to 96% FC and in particle size distribution as per Customer specifications. Though not limited to these, we offer on the world's best Flake Graphite in +50#, +80#, +100#, -100# or with fractional distribution as per customer specifications.
We prefer to build long term relationship with our customers, and are open to enter into arrangements for the same. Please contact shishir@tirupatigraphite.co.uk for your Flake Graphite needs. Please see our customer presentation in the link below.